God Still Speaks

My sheep hear my voice

The aged pastor wrote to his congregation warning them of what he termed, “antichrists” (1Jn. 2:18-29). John identified them as those denying Christ’s work and person (vs. 22). Eventually, they left John’s church to pursue other things. John was reminded of another place, (Jerusalem) and another time, (feast of the dedication) some fifty five years earlier (Jn. 10:22-31). Here, Jesus was approached in the temple by “the Jews” who wanted to have the Christ question settled once for all. His phrase “I told you, and ye believed not…” (V. 25) indicates the affirmative, but they did not accept that truth. The reason Christ gave for their nonacceptance was, “ye are not of my sheep”(v. 26). Continual communication falls only on deaf ears of those outside Christ’s sheepfold.

However, the glorious positive truth was also given by Christ, “My sheep hear my voice and I know them and they follow me” (v. 27). The shepherd’s voice is important to the sheep. Other voices are calling, but little or no attention is paid because the voice of their shepherd is so prominent. Strange sounds proceed from voices others follow. Many nonsensical doctrines and practices lead many away from the Christ who purchased their redemption to restore a right relationship with God. Great sacrifices will be made to hear the voices of deception and follow their destructive ways, while the true voice of Christ will be ignored, refuted and condemned. Though such is true of our day, yet the truth remains, “My sheep hear my voice…” Do you hear his voice? Are you listening to the scriptures (2Tim. 3:16,7; 2Pet. 1:21)? When Christ speaks, God speaks. Hear the voice of God.