You Are Important

Heb. 20:25

Three significant statements are made by the writer to the Hebrew Christians in Hebrews 10:22-26, to help us in our Christian walk. First, with reference to God he writes, “let us draw near…” which encourages us to come closer to God. Secondly he encourages us by saying, “Let us hold fast …” which refers to our personal walk and being faithful to our Christian calling. Finally, in speaking of our relationship to God’s church he says, “let us consider one another…”.
Someone once coined an acronym for joy as Jesus first, others second and yourself last. All three are necessary for an healthy, robust Christian life. We must spend time in God’s presence with his word and prayer. We must be careful of our Christian testimony before other people and we must be united with other members of Christ’s church.
When the above statements were penned, some members of the church were neglecting their attendance. They had habitually missed church gatherings. Exhortations were thus given to help them see the importance of their presence. We do not just “go to church”, but we attend for the purpose of encouraging others and being encouraged in the faith. Much in the world works against our spiritual life. Attending the local gathering of the saints refreshes our spiritual batteries and helps us to “get out there” again until our next meeting. God does not save “dead weight” to occupy a chair. He equips us for service and encouragement, because we never know when a fellow believer needs a pick me up.
Remember the exhortations of our writer the next time you think of “skipping” church. Perhaps your smile, friendliness or spiritual gift is just that remedy for a saint in need.
William A. Bembeneck